Through Christ Jesus, the information on this website came forth as the result of  my seeking God through fasting and prayer in the spirit.  I have been so blessed by my deliverance from leviathan that I want to share what I have learned with others.  Through Christ Jesus, God has given me a ministry to tell people about leviathan and help them get delivered.


Satan has a counterfeit for everything that God has, and leviathan is Satan's counterfeit of the Holy Spirit.  Leviathan comes on you through pride and, unless you are delivered from him, it is impossible for you to be conscious of all your thoughts, therefore you will not be aware of all your sin.  Because of the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, we are all affected by pride, which opens the door for the leviathan to come in.


Leviathan is a hidden spirit, and most people will not believe that they have him because one of his main jobs is to block deliverance.  He can twist writhe and slip out of the way, causing you to reject dependence on God and subjection to God.  The leviathan makes your heart hard, therefore the Holy Spirit cannot get through.  If you would humble yourself and seek God through fasting and prayer, God will give you revelation on leviathan.



Peace and Love,

Sylvia A. Allen

PO Box 2122

Waldorf, MD 20604